Phobias Panic Attacks

Imagine how wonderful you would feel if you could lose your fears, and feel calm and confident in all situations. Picture how great your life will be when that happens! Everyone experiences fear once in a while; but it can wreck our lives if it becomes too extreme or irrational.

You know the feeling: Your heart starts pumping uncontrollably and you feel like it’s going to jump into your throat. You start to breathe very heavily, your ears might start ringing, and your palms might get sweaty. It’s a terrible experience.

The truth is that no amount of conscious effort or willpower can eliminate a phobia or actual panic attack, because the root of the problem is at the unconscious level of mind.

That’s why the techniques incorporated in the I Am Fearless! hypnosis and NLP program operates at the unconscious level of mind, to help the client completely and rapidly eliminate irrational fears and panic attacks.

While 99% of the Hypnosis programs available today are based only on “Traditional Hypnosis,” (simple post-hypnotic commands and suggestions), this program utilizes much more powerful “Ericksonian” forms of Conversational Hypnotherapy as well as “NLP” techniques.

These methods are excellent for people who tend to be overly critical or analytical in their thinking, or people who question everything said to them.

Everyone responds differently to each type of hypnosis. So this program provides you with multiple hypnotic sessions. Each session uses a broad range of methods to guarantee that you will be successful.

About Your Hypnotist: The internationally known Consulting Hypnotist who created this program, Alan B. Densky, CH, started his full time practice back in 1978. He has extensive training and certification in hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming. He has combined the power of hypnosis and NLP to create a revolutionary program designed to propel you to success, and help you attain peace of mind.

Program includes: 6 Hypnosis & NLP Session Program on 2 CDs

Note: “I Am Fearless!” Panic & Phobia Program is available in three formats:

A. High Quality Audio on CDs (6 Sessions). This includes a Quick Start Download of Instructional Session 1 & a Power Relaxation MP3. $49.77 + $5.60 Priority Mail

B. Instant Download MP3s (6 Sessions). Full program as a series of MP3s that you download right now. No sales tax or shipping fees anywhere. $49.77

C. Instant Download MP3 (1 Session). Includes one instructional session and one hypnosis session. No sales tax or shipping fees anywhere. $11.95

After your order has completed:
A. CDs and DVDs: will be shipped to you within 24 hours.

B. MP3 Downloads: An email will be sent to you within minutes. It will contain a link to your download and include downloading instructions. If you don’t receive the email, please check your “Spam” folder. These files are quite large, so a Broadband connection is required.

MP3s Must be downloaded to a desktop computer. They may then be transferred from a desktop computer to a phone or mobile device.


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“I Am Fearless!”
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