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If you are the webmaster of a website in a complimentary niche such as: Any health, self-improvement; self-development; hypnotherapy; psychotherapy; etc. site and you feel that using one or more of my articles on your site would benefit your readers, then I would be happy to grant that permission free of charge.


However, there are certain rules that MUST be followed to avoid having either your site or mine penalized in the search rankings by Google.


  1. It goes without saying that I would appreciate that you send an email to ask me first so that I can keep track of which articles are republished and where.

  2. You may not alter the text of the article in any way.

  3. You must keep the byline in the article.

  4. I'll make the following items # 5 & 6, easy for you by sending you the html in a text file with all of the appropriate tags and link back already coded in it. I am also willing to add illustrations to any article for you if you ask me to.

  5. To avoid duplicate content problems, a rel="canonical" tag pointing back to the original article is required.

  6. There must be a "Do Follow" link back to the original article or other page that Alan B. Densky chooses. Example:
    (<a href=" on">Link to Chosen Page</a>) This will be placed in the bio at the bottom of the article.

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