The founder of the nationally recognized 

Smokers Anonymous® Program 

Adds Neuro-VISION® To His Programs

Dr. Francis White



Dr. Francis White, who holds a doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Boston, researched, designed and organized a quit smoking program in the mid-1960's following the death of his father to lung cancer.  

He is the founder of the nationally recognized Smokers Anonymous® program which has helped tens of thousands of people to quit the cigarette habit.


Dr. Francis White

"The Neuro-VISION program teaches people, at the subconscious level of mind, how to stop smoking in a more relaxed fashion.  We have incorporated the Neuro-VISION technology into our regular Smokers Anonymous® teaching program, and we feel that it is a most useful cessation tool.  We are quite pleased with the results."

"Neuro-VISION makes the cigarette withdrawal process substantially more navigable.  It helps people change their neurological perceptions of smoking and, consequently, makes it easier for them to quit."

"It's hard to say that after 20 years of teaching something one way, you suddenly discover there's a better way of doing it, but that's really where I'm at now."

Dr. White contends that Neuro-VISION "teaches people to quit smoking in a relaxed fashion without suffering from the typical withdrawal symptoms and without gaining weight."

"We are finding that clients who have smoked 30, 40 years, who typically would go through incredible withdrawal -- feeling nervous and irritable -- within a matter of a couple of visits, put down their cigarettes and have no further interest in them."

"It's as though once their 'computer' is reprogrammed, they never smoked. They simply lose all interest in it."

Excerpts Reprinted From Schenectady Gazette