Money Back Guarantee

Guarantees & Policies

Returns & Refunds – Please Read Carefully:

Before ordering, please MAKE SURE that you are a good candidate for hypnosis. We have a completely free sample available for you to experiment with. Click the [Free Downloads] button on the left side of the page.

All returns require that you send an email to us and request an RMA number and shipping instructions.

*Returns must be received at the Neuro-VISION offices within 90 days of the date the order was placed.

* Return Privilege Limited To Any 2 Programs Ordered on the Same Date.

Our company policy is that we will process only one refund per customer. Once we’ve processed a refund, customer waives all rights to refunds on any other purchases. I’m sorry, but regrettably we have had to resort to this, because of abuse of the return privilege by a few unscrupulous people.

* Absolutely no refunds will be made without an RMA. Ship the program back to us with the RMA clearly marked both outside the package, and inside of the package along with the original packing slip.

All programs must be shipped back using certified mail which REQUIRES AN EMPLOYEE AT Neuro-VISION TO SIGN for your package. We will NOT be held accountable for returns made without an RMA AND A SIGNED RECEIPT. Simply purchasing a Delivery Confirmation is NOT sufficient.

The purchase price less S & H will be refunded in full.

Products must be returned undamaged and in re-sellable condition. Case and CDs must be presentable and in working order. Damaged products sent back for a refund are subject to partial refunds or exchanging the product for another copy of the same program. Please contact us beforehand with any questions on returns and your products condition.

* Important: The experts tell us that it takes at least 21 days to completely eliminate a habit pattern. So please be realistic in your expectations. You can expect to start making progress from day one with any of my programs. But giving it an honest daily effort for at least 21 days is required for a refund.

It has always been amazing to me to see people who have had a long-term deep-seated problem expect a hypnosis CD to eliminate that problem by listening to it just one time. That kind of expectation is just ridiculous. And if you believe any website or hypnotist that advertises an instant cure with no commitment on your part, then you are just looking for disappointment.

You have to listen to a program consistently and give it a fair chance to work. Because by doing so, you are actually giving yourself a fair chance to make the changes that will make you happy and successful. Aren’t you worth 20 minutes of your own time each day?

Defective CD’s, DVD’s, Cassette Tapes: Defective product will be replaced free of charge for a period of 90 days from date of purchase.

Return Policy on Hypnosis e-Books:
Due to their sensitive copyright nature, we do not offer returns or exchanges on downloaded books.

Any order that provides an e-mail address that bounces back will be contacted by phone. If contact cannot be made, then the order will be voided and refunded within 24 hours. Please use only valid e-mail addresses for your own security when ordering both CD’s and cassettes.

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