Appetite Suppression: The Key To Permanent Weight Loss

appetite suppression the key to permanent weight loss

Appetite Suppression:
The Key To Permanent
Weight Loss

By Alan B. Densky, CH

Many people complain vigorously about weighing ten or twenty pounds more than they would like. Some have to buy new clothes because last year's wardrobe is just a little too tight. This can be an annoying, but effective motivator to lose weight. Some people, however, have trouble losing weight or becoming motivated to change their lifestyles to avoid the long-term effects of obesity. These unfortunate people must find ways to lose weight or suffer severe medical consequences.

Overweight people can choose from a number of ways to lose weight and begin the road to self-improvement. In the most severe cases, doctors may resort to prescribing medications for weight loss. However, these medications can cause severe or even deadly side effects.

Numerous drugs that are prescribed as part of a self-help weight loss program can damage the heart or lungs. Some drugs have been banned for sale, and some previous patients have required heart or lung transplants just because they have taken these medicines.


Another type of self-development method that people often try to use for weight loss is fad dieting. Fad diets, such as low-carbohydrate diets, claim to help people lose weight in a short amount of time. Those people who do lose weight briefly often regain it. Worse, some people may even develop nutritional deficiencies because of these diets.

Some people focus on strenuous exercise as an alternative weight loss strategy. The difficulty with strenuous exercise is that it can actually be damaging to the body. In addition, people who exercise strenuously usually exercise to endurance rather than fitness levels, and so cause their bodies to enter a mode known as anaerobic metabolism. 

This is a scientific way to explain that the body no longer burns calories normally once it enters this mode. Instead, a person's metabolism tends to slow down to retain as much energy and fat as possible. Thus, instead of helping the body to lose weight, this person actually encourages his or her body to retain extra calories and pounds. 

Most weight loss experts, however, agree that the best method of losing weight is decreasing the amount of calories a person eats each day. Most people who are overweight really do want to lose weight, and they do work consciously to lose weight. The majority of the behavior modification programs for appetite suppression and weight loss center on encouraging people to identify their reasons for overeating. Clients consciously work to suppress their appetites through journaling, identifying healthy food choices, and to discuss their conscious motivations for overeating. 

The problem is that most people who are extremely overweight struggle with unconscious issues related to eating and appetite control. One of the most effective ways to help an obese person combat appetite control issues is through the use of hypnotism for weight loss. Trained consulting hypnotists can teach a person to use self-hypnosis weight loss techniques to focus on the unconscious issues that cause overeating. Weight loss through hypnosis is a highly successful approach that allows people to lose weight without willpower - and to keep it off!

Traditional consulting hypnotists often use post-hypnotic suggestions that healthy foods are tastier. Alternatively, they may offer post-hypnotic suggestions that the client feels full after eating smaller meals or portions. They may offer people the suggestion that high-calorie, high-carbohydrate foods are less appetizing or that they don't taste good.

Unfortunately, many people are resistant to this type of direct hypnotic suggestion. For these people, Ericksonian hypnotherapy typically offers an alternative method and a better result because it eliminates the client's propensity for resistance by camouflaging suggestions within conversation or stories called metaphors. 

The very best hypnotherapy weight loss programs help a person learn to suppress their appetite by dealing with the true underlying causes for the cravings and compulsions that they suffer from. In addition, visual imagery can be effectively used to help build the powerful motivation that is needed to change one's lifestyle for permanent weight loss.

Unlike other therapies designed to suppress the appetite, hypnotism for weight loss is relatively inexpensive. One of the least expensive ways to reap the benefits of this approach is to purchase a weight loss hypnosis CD. 


People who choose lose weight hypnosis CDs can listen to these powerful technologies in the comfort of their own home, where temptations to overeat may often be the strongest. Thus, they can create powerful associations between their home environment and these effective ways to lose weight. This maximizes the effectiveness of hypnotherapy weight loss techniques. 

Summary: Ericksonian hypnotherapy for weight loss is one of the most effective methods of losing and controlling one's weight through appetite suppression. This approach allows clients to address the unconscious issues that are actually at the center of their reasons for overeating and gaining weight. This technique is ideally suited for home use through the implementation of weight loss hypnosis CD programs. 


©2007 By Alan B. Densky, CH.  This document may NOT be re-printed. All Rights Reserved. 

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