How The Best Life Diet Works
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How The Best Life Diet Works

By Alan B. Densky, CH

The Best Life Diet plan is a popular lifestyle program for losing weight. It is best known as one of the ways to lose weight endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. Dedicated men and women following this diet can expect steady weight loss and improved health over time. It is relatively simple to follow, with only three phases, few restrictions, and gradual lifestyle changes that promote natural weight loss.

The first stage of the diet is known as Phase One, and lasts up to four weeks. During this phase, dieters slowly begin to exercise and change their eating habits. Dieters are encouraged to eat three meals and one snack every day, avoid eating less than two hours before bed, and take vitamins daily. Compared to many other diet plans, the first phase of the Best Life diet is less restrictive and gives dieters a better chance at achieving success with this plan.

Phase Two of the diet lasts at least four weeks or longer, depending on your progress. During this stage, dieters continue a healthy approach to eating and increased physical activity. Dieters also work on fighting some of the underlying problems that prevent weight loss, such as emotional eating and appetite control issues. Dieters monitor their progress with weekly weigh-ins and develop healthy habits that allow them to reach their desired weight.  

Phase Three is the lifetime maintenance phase, a stage found in many lifestyle weight loss plans. During phase three, dieters try to cut more unhealthy foods from their diets and eat more nutritious, unprocessed foods. Dieters can still enjoy all kinds of food, even the foods that are not considered "healthy," in moderation. This balanced approach to eating allows people to enjoy the foods they love without feeling deprived or guilty about what they eat. Dieters also keep up with exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight.

One of the best things about the Best Life diet is the variety of foods that you are allowed to eat. During Phases One and Two, very few foods are actually restricted, but there are six types of foods that you must avoid. These foods are soft drinks, foods containing trans-fats, fried foods, white bread, regular pasta made with refined flour (whole grain pasta is allowed), and high fat dairy-products. Dieters can resume eating these foods during Phase Three, but for at least eight weeks during the first two phases, these foods are all banned.

Overall, the Best Life diet offers a reasonable and sensible plan for weight loss, but even the best diet plans cannot work if dieters cannot stick to them. The hardest aspect of this and other diets is staying committed and being able to successfully overcome the mental obstacles that prevent weight loss. This is why weight loss hypnotherapy is an ideal complement to any diet plan. Hypnosis is extremely effective as a weight loss aid because it treats the underlying issues that keep people from losing weight. 

One issue hypnosis successfully treats is emotional eating. People develop the habit of emotional eating when they eat in response to their feelings, such as when they feel sad or bored. This created a "conditioned response" mechanism so people tend to overeat when they experience certain feelings, even when they are not hungry. Hypnosis works by helping the unconscious mind disassociate food from our emotions. When we no longer feel unconsciously compelled to eat, we experience natural appetite suppression and can lose weight effectively.

Motivation is another area in which hypnosis can help a struggling dieter. Hypnosis prevents dieters from losing sight of their reasons for wanting to lose weight and keeps them dedicated. Some of the questions dieters on the Best Life diet are instructed to ask themselves are why they are overweight, what their reasons for wanting to lose weight are, and what has prevented them from losing weight in the past. A good hypnosis program will also tackle these questions to make people consciously and unconsciously feel motivated to lose weight. Hypnosis helps people think positively and stay on track with weight loss goals.  

According to the Best Life diet, the keys to success for losing weight is in portion control, selecting healthy and satisfying foods, and getting regular exercise. These things help dieters naturally lose weight. You can achieve this natural weight loss through hypnosis by learning techniques from a good weight loss hypnotherapy CD program. Combined with the Best Life diet, hypnosis is powerful weight loss tool that can help many dieters become fit and slim for life.


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