Side Effects Of Smoking Making You Nervous? Try Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs
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Side Effects Of Smoking Making You Nervous?
Try Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs

By Alan B. Densky, CH

How many inner conversations have you had with yourself about your smoking habit? How many times have you mentioned to family and friends that you want to quit but seem to continue to smoke away despite the risks and the expense? And how many methods have you tried that just failed? If you are like most smokers, you will remember such conversations and inner dialogues and may have felt nothing will really work for you. Unless you tried stop smoking hypnosis, you may have been right.

If you honestly want to quit smoking, hypnosis is the rational choice for real results. Quit smoking hypnosis can address the core issues that keep you smoking as well as giving you the tools and support to be successful once and for all. This is not stage entertainment that is good for laughs and tricks, but a real treatment option approved by the AMA since 1958, and one with recognized certification and a strong code of ethics.

Hypnosis does not override values and a reputable consulting hypnotist will protect your rights and privacy like any other medical professional. You do want one who is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and who follows their stringent code of ethics and professional conduct. Included in their code is making the physical and mental well-being of their client their main consideration. They also protect clients from verbal, mental or physical abuse, and refer any client as appropriate.

A trained consulting hypnotist has the skills to address problem behavior, and stop smoking hypnosis is the second most common type they practice. Using state of the art methods which may include the precision of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the ongoing support of self hypnosis stop smoking CD's as well as any medical measures a physician might also prescribe for a patient. Using medical hypnosis does not mean other measures are excluded, but they may not be needed at all.

The reason that expertly used stop smoking hypnosis is the most effective method to achieve success is that it addresses the three basic issues in smoking. No method can succeed that does not address each issue completely and correct the problems each causes. Most people believe that the physical addiction to nicotine is the most important factor and biggest problem, but this is simply not true. If the addiction to the substance called nicotine were the only reason for failure, most smokers would not fail four, five, six or even more times in their efforts to quit for good.

Yes, nicotine is a horribly addictive substance and for most smokers the physical dependence is very real and there are withdrawal symptoms that are also real. But did you realize these last only a very few days? In fact, every bit of nicotine is metabolized out of the system is just 72 hours or less! For many smokers, it is the fear of withdrawal symptoms and not the reality that causes the most suffering and which may prevent even trying. Yet quitting without training has an average 5% success rate! Stop smoking hypnosis reduces fear of withdrawal symptoms and blunts the effect of any that do occur.

Another component of smoking is that it provides comfort and calming; just as sucking on a pacifier soothes and calms a baby. Many people treat anxiety and stress in some form of oral activity like smoking or eating. Hypnotic relaxation can replace the comfort factor received from smoking, which reduces the cravings and produces stop smoking benefits instead. The mind can be trained to substitute the same feelings from other activities that are helpful, not harmful. NLP techniques can teach the brain to remove any association between smoking and comfort.

Finally, part of the smoking habit is plain old Pavlovian conditioning. Smokers learn to associate smoking with certain activities from the movie cliché of the cigarette after sex to having a cigarette while drinking or watching television or talking on the phone. Here stop smoking hypnosis can permanently sever the connection, and when the link is no longer there, there will be no trigger to light up when the coffee is poured or the cocktail is served. The mind is conditioned to associate positive things with the former triggers, or to recall the benefits of quitting or the negatives of having the cigarette.

A skilled consulting hypnotist will use both negative and positive associations to replace conditioned associations with smoking, selecting those most powerful for an individual client. Stop smoking hypnosis is the only method that can fine tune the treatment to each of the three reasons for smoking and eliminate them. Everyone knows quitting requires support, but only stop smoking hypnosis programs effectively make you your own instant and always available support system.  

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