How To Talk Yourself Out Of A Depression Before You Talk Yourself Out Of A Relationship
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How To Talk Yourself Out Of A Depression
Before You Talk Yourself Out Of A Relationship

By Alan B. Densky, CH

Sure, everyone gets down from time to time, and their friends try to cheer them up. But what happens when you get down and just can't be cheered up, or your friends seem to start spending all their time trying to cheer you up? Pretty soon, your friends start finding other things to do, and stop hanging out with you. 

The same thing happens in a relationship. Everyone has a bad day now and then, but if you start having bad days all the time, people get tired of trying to cheer you up – and they move on to other relationships that are more fulfilling – and less depressing. If you have finally found that person you've spent your life dreaming about, you want to learn how to get control over your moods – and stop being depressed – before that special someone decides to stop seeing you!

Wouldn't it be phenomenal if you could control or get rid of depression just by having certain thoughts? I know that this might sound too simple, but very frequently; many types of depression are simply caused by thinking negative thoughts. If you can control the thoughts, you can control the depression. It really is that simple!

Don't believe me? Then test it out! It's easy to try this out for yourself and see that it really works. Just imagine something that you find to be very sad or troubling. Go ahead, think about it right now! Then return to this article. 

Okay, so what happened? If you did what I asked you to do, and tried to visualize the situation clearly, you started to feel unhappy and a little depressed. And the more you allow yourself to stay in that pattern of thought, the sadder you will feel. As you stay in those thoughts and continue feeling sadder, you lead yourself into a gradually intensifying depression. 

The good news, though, is that if you think about a happy memory, then you will displace that sadness and depression and replace it with happy feelings. 

Please pay close attention now, because here are the keys to ending your depression: Our most persistent thoughts spring forth from the unconscious mind. These are the thoughts that we find ourselves naturally thinking about throughout the day. 

If the persistent thoughts that are continually recurring in your mind are about your sad experiences or problems, then you intensify your levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. 

But here is the 'Light at the end of the tunnel': Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be used to change our unconscious thoughts. So NLP and self hypnosis stress management CDs will rapidly change the way that you feel, think, and behave. The beauty here is that the exact same techniques that help reduce stress also work as well for eliminating depression!

Listen to me now, because I will tell you exactly why and how it's going to happen. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Specifically, it's the Alpha state of consciousness. We pass through the Alpha state as we are falling asleep at night. And we pass through it once more as we awaken in the morning. We also enter the Alpha state when we are imagining and daydreaming.

The unconscious mind is the seat of our emotions, and it's similar to a computer; the input controls the output! Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for reaching directly into the unconscious mind and reprogramming it to automatically divert your mind away from negative thoughts, and promote positive thoughts. It's a tool that allows you to bypass the consciousness to create positive expectations, which will in turn generate positive feelings. A person can overcome depression through hypnotherapy very quickly.

Hypnosis CDs to help you get rid of your depression are available for much less than you might think. They are not nearly as costly as repeated trips to a consulting hypnotist, or even to a counselor. Unlike medications, they have no side effects, and they can begin to cure your depressed mood almost immediately. Are you ready to use something that really works and conquer your depression before you start losing relationships that really matter?


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