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From: Alan B. Densky, CH     

Dear Soon-To-Be-Confident Friend,

Alan B. Densky, CH - Hypnosis Self Confidence


This might come as a shock; but did you know that millions of people around the world are living miserable lives due to lack of self-confidence? Good News: They don't have thanks to Self-Confidence Hypnosis CD's & MP3 Downloads.


And you don't even have to look far to see the truth. Want to know how some people who lack confidence are doing?


To mention a few, there's the depressed person who wants to make friends - or is eager to meet the man or woman of their dreams - but is too timid to approach and talk to anyone.


Then there's the self-doubting employee who is stuck with a low-paying, dead-end job... despite all the exciting opportunities for career advancement and profitable business ventures.


In extreme cases, lack of self esteem and confidence can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, overeating, even alcohol and drug addictions. If no confidence building measure is taken, their health and well-being can take a nosedive along with their self-image.



Continue Reading and Discover Answers To These Questions:

Recognizing that millions of people desperately need to gain confidence, I have produced an incredible set of Self-Confidence Hypnosis CD's that build confidence and gives you the power to fulfill your dreams.

I'm happy to say that after going through my hypnosis and confidence NLP sessions, thousands of my clients are now living exciting and rewarding lives... enjoying massive success in their career, finances, health, personal relationships and social life.

Many may be asking if confidence or self esteem hypnosis really works. As you continue to read, I'll prove just how effective self hypnosis for self confidence is, and I'll show you exactly how to gain self confidence. But first...

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What Is Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is a state of mind where a person has a positive and yet realistic view of him/herself and his/her situation in life. A confident person trusts his own abilities, feels a general sense of control over life, and believes that he will be successful at doing what is wished, planed, and expected.

Having self-confidence does not mean that individuals will be able to do everything. Self-confident people have realistic expectations. They continue to be positive and to accept themselves even when their expectations are not met.

People who lack self-confidence require others to approve of them, in order to feel good about themselves. These people avoid risk taking because they fear failure. They often put themselves down and tend to discount or ignore compliments paid to them. 

By contrast, confident people are risk takers. They are not afraid of being disapproved of by others. They trust their own abilities and accept themselves; they tend to be nonconformists because they believe they will be accepted as they are.

People who lack self-confidence tend to have specific, predictable thoughts that are self-defeating.  They limit themselves to living lives that are less than pleasant and less than enjoyable.


Why Do People Rely On My Hypnosis CD's When It Comes To Building Confidence?


I'll let you in on a little secret. I wasn't always outgoing and confident. When I was a kid I was very small for my age and I got picked on a lot. And those experiences made me shy and introverted.


I started lifting weights when I was 16, and I grew into a very powerful young man. But even though I saw the bulging muscles when I looked into the mirror, I was still shy and introverted.


It wasn't until I became involved with hypnosis and NLP in the 1970's that I learned that the only way to overcome our shyness and increase self confidence was to make changes at the unconscious (subconscious) level of mind.


I knew hypnosis and NLP would not only help me, but also countless people around the world who are suffering from low self esteem & confidence.


That's why I developed a breakthrough hypnosis self confidence and NLP self confidence program. Using this unique hypnotherapy confidence program on myself, I've been able to change the way I see myself at the unconscious level of mind.


Today I'm outgoing, loaded with confidence, and feeling good about myself. And I owe ALL of my financial and personal success to my self-confidence!


I know that my results alone may not be enough to prove the effectiveness of my confidence builder program. But thousands of satisfied clients can't be wrong. In fact, I have transformed countless clients' fear-driven insecurities into supreme confidence.


They now feel good about themselves. They now walk with their heads held high and they feel comfortable when looking people in the eye.


As a result of having more confidence, my clients reported they got better jobs, found attractive mates and wonderful friends, and are now living happy and exciting social lives.  


Want to know more about the self-confidence hypnosis program that has helped my clients live their lives to the fullest? Here it is...





Hypnosis Program

Self Confidence Hypnosis CDs & MP3 downloads


The "Self-Confidence! Hypnosis program has helped thousands of people feel good about themselves in every situation. It fills them with a profound feeling of self-confidence and self-worth.


This program uses seven highly effective Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming sessions to condition the client's unconscious (subconscious) to completely eliminate the irrational fear of public speaking, interacting with groups of people or even the opposite sex.


And as many people know, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP are the ideal tools to build feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem.  


After using these self-confidence NLP and Hypnosis CDs, they have been able to stop obsessing about what other people are thinking about them; and better yet, they have eradicated the fear and anxiety of talking or interacting with others.


After using my "Self-Confidence!" Hypnosis CDs, my clients...


Bonus: These Self Confidence Hypnosis and NLP CDs also contain public speaking hypnosis tools to easily help anyone overcome shyness when talking in front of groups of people. They program the client's mind to have full self confidence in public speaking and totally eliminate "Stage Freight" and social phobias.




Inluded in This Program:

Self Confidence Hypnosis CDs


We've recorded 7 Sessions on 2 CDs rathan the usual 7. You get the same exact 7 full sessions, but we save you $35.00. Yes you can easily find and play each individual session, just like on a music CD. Or, order the MP3 Download Program and have it on your computer in two minutes flat!


Anyone who orders this Self-Confidence Hypnosis & NLP program will experience what it's like to come into my office personally and go through a complete series of private hypnosis for self-confidence sessions (seven) that will enable the client to quickly build a confident personality.


Personal Development, a site in England that tests self-help programs had this to say about this Self-Confidence Hypnosis Program:

"You get a guide throughout who helps you get clear on what you want from the program so that you can utilize the powerful techniques given to your best advantage. Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, process instructions and some great explanations of what they are and how they work is an added bonus that is lacking in many similar CD sets."

"If you follow the program and listen to the sessions you will get some great results!" . . .


This self-confidence program walks you through everything required to make life altering changes quickly and easily.

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What Makes The "Self-Confidence!" Hypnosis Way More Effective Than Other
Confidence Building Programs?


Almost all of the other Hypnosis programs on the market today are based on "Traditional Hypnosis."  This program is based on "Ericksonian" forms of Hypnosis as well as several "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" (NLP) techniques. These techniques eliminate the conscious resistance that is prevalent when using Traditional Hypnosis. 




What Would You Invest To Possess Unstoppable Confidence And Achieve Your Fullest Potentials?

My professional fee for confidence building sessions in my office is $1,050.00. My clients have been happy to pay that much and more because of the tremendous benefits they gain.


Only $49.77 Includes Free Shipping in USA

Elsewhere +    


That's only $6.39 per session, which is amazing! It also represents a 95% SAVINGS over the cost of office visits for the same sessions.


Confidence Hypnosis MP3s GuaranteeGrab The 90-Day, Risk Free
100% Money-Back Guarantee

I know my "Self-Confidence!" Hypnosis Program will skyrocket your confidence and allow you to do things that most non-confident people could only dream of. (Read Full Money Back Guarantee)


Program includes: 7 Hypnosis & NLP Session Program on 2 CDs

Note: “Self-Confidence!” is available in Four formats:

A. High Quality Audio on 2 CDs (7 Sessions). This includes a Quick Start Download of Instructional Session 1 & a Power Relaxation MP3. $49.77 Includes Free Shipping in USA

B. Instant Download MP3s (7 Sessions). Full program as a series of MP3s that you download right now. No sales tax or shipping fees anywhere. $49.77  

C. High Quality Audio on 1 CD (1 Session). Includes one instructional session and one hypnosis session. $14.95 + Shipping

D. Instant Download MP3 (1 Session). Includes one instructional session and one hypnosis session. $14.95

After your order has completed:
A. CDs and DVDs: will be shipped to you within 24 hours.

B. MP3 Downloads: After you have completed payment, you will automatically be sent to our download page which includes instructions if needed.  These files are quite large, so a Broadband connection is required.

MP3s Must be downloaded to a desktop computer. They may then be transferred from a desktop computer to a phone or mobile device.

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Client Reviews

5 Star Rating  I gotta say that it has really helped me!

By Michael Stoner

I bought your self-confidence program about 8 months ago. And I gotta say that it has really helped me with my stage freight. I work in a large company and I have to give talks in front of small groups of people. I used to have a very hard time because I would get real nervous.

I felt a difference after the first couple of days with your program. But after I listened to the sessions for a couple of weeks I was amazed at how confident I began to feel. Now I even enjoy giving talks. And it's helped me in my social life as well! -- Michael Stoner

4 stars The downloads did relax me and helped me

By Francisco Perez

The downloads did relax me and helped me forget for a while my problems, auto relaxation was good. Think you should go further with self hypnosis.

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