Can't Get A Second Date - Could Smoking Be An Issue?
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Can't Get A Second Date -
Could Smoking Be An Issue?

By Alan B. Densky, CH

You like her (or him) so much that you are sure you would like to go out again. In fact, you think this person might just possibly be the one. But when you ask for a second date or a phone number, your date smiles and says, "Good night." And walks away from you.

You thought the night was going perfectly. You found a special restaurant that played the perfect background music, and dinner talk was relaxing and enjoyable. Your eyes kept meeting, and you were just sure that you two had hit it off. Then dinner was over, and you stopped to have a quick cigarette before getting into the car.

The sad truth is, most non-smokers just don't like kissing ashtrays. And, frankly, kissing someone who smokes tastes nearly as bad. Smoking is a major turnoff, and a bad habit that most people just won't tolerate. In fact, dating sites even allow users to filter out smokers from their searches for that Mr. or Ms. Right.

The majority of people who smoke are aware of this and try to hide their annoying addiction from other searchers by listing themselves as non-smokers. The first meeting, however, gives them away. And the search begins again.  

Just how much of a problem is smoking when it comes to relationships and marriage? In fact, smokers are 53% more likely to divorce than non-smokers. This holds true for people of every age, social class, and ethnic background. Researchers state flat-out that smoking is a risk for divorce and marital problems. They also encourage a person who is dating a smoker to think long and hard before committing to marry someone who smokes.

If you have found that, over and over again, you aren't getting a second date or having trouble starting a relationship, perhaps you are ready to quit smoking. Although people decide to quit smoking for a variety of reasons, if you quit smoking because of concerns with romantic relationships, you are far from alone.

Ultimately, most smokers start searching for ways to quit smoking out of concern for the health of their family. There are many ways to quit smoking, and one of the easiest ways is through the use of a specially formulated hypnosis program. Hypnosis programs for quitting smoking are developed specifically to help smokers quit smoking without having to suffer from withdrawal. They are particularly useful because they help smokers beat the psychological aspects of the addiction, which are the hardest aspects to overcome. The smoking habit is 10% physical addiction, and 90% mental addiction.

Hypnosis programs are developed to teach people self-hypnosis techniques to help stop smoking. Even when a consulting hypnotist is the agent that guides a client into the hypnotic state, it is still considered self-hypnosis because hypnosis is an ability that is within the client.

Among the best things about such a program is the fact that smokers learn how to quit smoking without feeling withdrawal symptoms. Hypnotic techniques can reduce or even eliminate withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. Another great thing is that since people are taught how to practice self-hypnosis, they don't have to worry about relapsing. If they ever feel the urge to smoke, they just use the techniques that allowed them to quit in the first place.

Hypnosis produces many effects to help people quit smoking. It is an excellent tool for eliminating tobacco cravings while also functioning as an aid to reduce stress and tension and increase one's overall level of relaxation. It is this inducement of tranquility that eliminates the ex-smoker's need to substitute food in place of the missing cigarettes. It also is a tool, which can re-program the unconscious mind to eliminate the psychological urge to smoke. This variety of effects gives hypnosis its success in helping people to permanently stop smoking.

Some of the benefits of quitting smoking include better health. And since the effects of secondhand smoke can make one just as ill, better health for friends, co-workers, and family can be at hand as well. Those who want to stop smoking for the sake of their families turn to self-hypnosis because it is an effective and non-invasive tool for ending a smoking addiction. While many people recruit the help of a consulting hypnotist, office visits can be fairly expensive. Fortunately there are a few high quality professional programs available on CD and DVD. Besides being more affordable, this method has a high rate of effectiveness because it makes the process of quitting smoking so much easier. And the CD's are always there for reinforcement if needed.

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